An idea that came from watching my wife play Draw Something and I was wondering if I could create a similar drawing pad on the net.


  • Concept (Done)
  • Basic proof of concept with rough code.

  • jQuery plugin (Done - read article here.)
  • Create a jQuery plugin to emcompass the basic development already done as a proof of concept.

  • Shared Canvas (Current)
  • The initial concept was developed with Node.js and Express using, for WebSocket communications, to enable a single shared canvas. The current solution still uses WebSockets but the backend is now developed with Swift using Vapor.

  • Groups and Rooms (In Development)
  • Add abilities to create groups/rooms with each having their own shared canvas.

  • More Features
  • Submit an idea if you have one.

For now enjoy what you can get from it. You can get the plugin source here.


  • Design and Development
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  • Check Out
  • This site has gone through multiple changes. Currently everything is developed using Vapor.

  • About Me
  • You can read more about me and all my various projects here.